Mourinho Criticises Hazard’s Attitude To Training

Jose Mourinho has criticised Eden Hazard’s attitude to training and says the Belgium captain could have become an even better footballer.

Mourinho Criticises Hazard’s Attitude To Training

Mourinho managed Hazard for two-and-a-half years during his second spell as Chelsea manager as they helped the Blues win the Premier League and League Cup in the 2014/2015 season.

Hazard’s career has taken a nosedive in the past two seasons since a big-money move from Chelsea to Real Madrid due to a series of injury problems but his talent remains unquestionable.

Having observed his talents at close quarters Mourinho is adamant Hazard could have achieved more with the right attitude to training.

“The truth is what you see from him, he is an amazing player with awful training," Mourinho charged during an interview on talkSPORT.

“You can only imagine what he could be with a super professional attitude in training.

“In the end, he is an amazing kid, he is an incredible family man, he looks like he doesn’t belong to this generation of players, he’s very quiet and is totally focused on family, on kids, on parents, on a very quiet life.

“But he gets onto the pitch every morning and … he doesn’t work much.

“When he gets onto the pitch you don’t see the reflection of a week of work, you just see a reflection of his talent.

“He is this amazing player and you can imagine if he was a top professional. When he went to Real Madrid I thought, 'Wow, this guy is going to the biggest club in the world and is going to feel this huge pressure to be always at the top, this guy is going to win the Golden Ball, because he is amazing.'

“But in terms of his fitness, his speed, his condition, he would be a much better player [if he trained properly]. What you see is just the talent that got Eden to where he is."