Hitzfeld Compares Sancho With Ribery

Hitzfeld Compares Sancho With Ribery

By Joshua Walters

Jadon Sancho has been impressive for Borussia Dortmund since his arrival from Manchester City and his sizzling performance is reminding Ottmar Hitzfeld of a young Frank Ribery.

The English stalwart, where he has also established himself as a regular prospect for the England national team, recorded his first European goal for the Signa Iduna club in a Champions League game against Atletico Madrid in October.

Sancho graduated from the Manchester City academy, but left the Citizens last season to Dortmund for want of playing time.

The rest has been a chain of remarkable performances that have transformed the player into a key member of Dortmund also earned him a call-up into the England national team.

Sancho has been drawing admirations from the four corners of the game, and the latest Hitzfield's assertions that the 'gifted' 18-year-old plays just like Ribery in the Bayern Munchen player's youthful days.

"Sancho surprised everybody," insists the 70-year-old Hitzfield. "He's a gifted player, very fast, technically perfect, he always has a trick up his sleeves." 

"He reminds me of the young Franck Ribery, who was also very tricky and going for goal as a young player."

Sancho is like that and he also has the speed to make a name for himself in international football." He told Ominisport."

Sancho has recorded eight goals and provided, 13 assist, which is the highest in the Bundesliga this season for the Yellow and Blacks, who top the league table with 63 points.

Ottmar Hitzfeld guided Dortmund to two league titles and a Champions League crown in a six-year stay at the club.

Sancho has become the target of several transfer speculations as the media continues to link him with a move back into the Premier League, but Hitzfeld believes the player would be better off at Dortmund.

"It's becoming more and more difficult for the Bundesliga, and specifically Borussia Dortmund, to retain players like Jadon Sancho," he added.

"If you have a long-term contract with a top team in England, money is a big factor."

"The question is, how does Sancho's management see the situation? Do you say, 'I'll stay with Dortmund where I'm a starter, instead of joining a top team too early and only sit on the bench?

"For his career, it would certainly be better to remain at Dortmund for one or two years."