We Must Unite To Fight Covid-19, Says Chiellini

Italy and Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini believes the challenge to fight coronavirus is the sole responsibility of everyone across the globe.

We Must Unite To Fight Covid-19, Says Chiellini
We Must Unite To Fight Covid-19, Says Chiellini

The outbreak of the pandemic has blocked various sporting activities in Europe which includes football, with leagues like Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and continental competitions being suspended, after some of the players tested positive for the virus.

The Bianconeri’s captain admitted that the football world “sometimes lose touch with reality” but insists they are all the same.

Chiellini was also quick to acknowledge the wonderful job the doctors and the nurses are doing to help infected people, adding that people should make their work less stressful by staying at home.

“Our world is golden and sometimes you lose touch with reality,” the Italian said live on Instagram Webathon.it.

 “Now I’m in isolation on my own and can’t wait to pass time with my daughters.”

“We are active, compliments for the initiative,” he added. “We are all locked in the house and we try to ease the time for many people without forgetting to help the health system that is experiencing a difficult moment and needs us.”

“This is a challenge that we must overcome together, there is no loyalty to one team or another. I’m a person who communicates better through gestures than words.”

“It will be strange not to be able to do it these days, but in a few months, we will enjoy it even more, when we know it has an important meaning.”