Hugo Lloris Pleads Patience For Esperito Santo

Tottenham Hotspur captain Hugo Lloris has pleaded for patience for new manager Nuno Esperito Santo.

Hugo Lloris Pleads Patience For Esperito Santo

Spurs began the 2021/2022 season on a high, winning their first three league games of the campaign to top the table going into the first international break.

The North London club have fallen flat since, losing their last three league games and pressure has started mounting on Esperito Santo.

Lloris has asked for the former Wolverhampton Wanderers manager to be given the chance to implement his ideas and get the club back on track.

“For any manager, it’s not easy to change everything in one or two months — it’s impossible,” Lloris told the Evening Standard. “But he’s bringing his ideas and, step by step, he’s building his relationship with the players.

“Clearly, we are starting [something new]. The idea is that it’s a new process, a new era, with young players. It can’t happen in just two or three months. We need time. We need confidence, we need to stick together — managers, the coaching staff, medical staff, players — and try to go in the same way.

“This is the important thing, to try to make sure everyone is going in the same way. I think we will have a better view [of where we are] in a few months.

“When I see the club going for young, talented players, they’re here for many years. They need to adapt to new football, the Premier League, new language, new culture, but at the same time, the ambition is still here. Maybe they don’t look at it right now, but maybe [they are looking at it] the next seasons.

“Sometimes it’s better to drop one step to come back stronger. That’s probably my feeling today. It doesn’t mean we’re not ambitious, it’s just a process.

“As a team, you need to build something and then arrive at a certain maturity to compete with the best. At the moment, we’re in a process.”