Mourinho Hints On Managerial Return

Jose Mourinho has given a clue of his return to the dugout after being away from football for more than four months.

Mourinho Hints On Managerial Return
jose mourinho

Guiding Manchester United to Europa League success in his first campaign and runners-up in the Premier League the following season, Jose is now without a club.

Coming hot on the heels of a wobbling start to the 2018/19 Premier League season, Manchester United showed the Portuguese trainer the exit last December.

And staying out of the fraternity for quite a long time, the 56-year-old has left football fans in a suspense with his recent interview, saying he has been meeting with his ‘future staff.’

"What I did, I did because I am so motivated. It is difficult to be, for the first time, without my football.

"I analyse different sports, I meet my future staff, because my future staff is going to be different to my previous staff because I thought it was the moment for a few changes," he said.

"Nothing personal, of course not, but in relation to the knowledge, to the motivation, I think it's a good moment to do that.

"I meet them, we speak, we analyse, we try to produce documentation to be the base for the next work, so we are always thinking.

"You cannot lose your identity, you are who you are and honestly I am so happy with who I am," Mourinho told Sky Sports.

"But there is a new period ahead of me, there is a new challenge, I think many challenges [are] ahead of me and honestly I look to that with more enthusiasm than looking back at what I did before."