Liverpool Plan On Neymar

Liverpool Plan On Neymar

By Joshua Walters

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has hinted his side will not target Neymar in their Champions League opener against PSG on Tuesday.

According to the German trainer, Liverpool are instead looking to cut supplies to the nimble-footed Brazillian wing forward, something he describes as a ‘big job’.

"We don’t go for him against us. We want to play football. We want to win the ball. We don’t try to act on these type of things," Klopp revealed at the pre-match press conference on Monday.

“We try to avoid passes to him. It’s a big job. I don’t know if it’s possible to avoid his quality. I’m pretty sure it’s not."

Klopp defended Neymar's on-pitch theatrics and labeled his simulation as a 'smart' way of protecting himself against harsh tackles.

 “I saw a few games at the World Cup when it looked like he made a bit more of the situation. That’s a completely normal reaction because players are really going for him. That’s the truth.

 “He has to protect himself. If the opponent gets a yellow card he is closer to a red card. It is smart."